Is Your Networking Not Working?

I was at a networking accident afresh and this adolescent woman came up to me and alien herself. Using archetypal networking etiquette, I asked her “So, what do you do?” Well, that angry out to be the amiss catechism to ask her!

She proceeded to acquaint me all about herself and her business, not already endlessly to yield a animation or accord me, or the added being I had been talking to the adventitious to say a word.

When she finished, she handed me her business agenda and said, “It was nice affair you,” and absolved away.

I acquainted like I had just watched a actual bad 60-second bartering for her business. And boy was I NOT interested.

The sad affair was, she was a beating therapist, and I was an ideal applicant for her – I get a beating already a ages and accept for years. Too bad she didn’t yield the time to acquisition that out. Definitely a absent befalling for at atomic a added absorbing conversation, and potentially a new client.

And the article was, she asked for my business card, but I NEVER heard from her afterwards the event!

So what just happened?

I’ll acquaint you. She spent her admired time and money to appear this event. And, she did aggregate she anticipation she was declared to do.

She went about affair lots of people.

She told those humans all about herself and her business.

She handed out lots of business cards.

She calm lots of business cards.

And again she went home, and accepted her business to abound as a result.


If you arrangement this way, you may as able-bodied save your time and money. Because you’re apparently not traveling to see results.

I accept you have to access networking the aforementioned way you access any added anatomy of business …

You have to use the Sharp-Shooter Approach

Select networking contest that are a acceptable bout for you and your business. Contest with attendees who are either your ideal clients, humans acceptable to accredit your ideal clients, or agreeing business humans you could accomplice with.

Go with the ambition of authoritative a few able connections. It’s about quality, not quantity.

And always, always, always, follow-up! And, not just an “it was nice to accommodated you” email. Ask yourself how you can advice the humans you’ve met. Can you accredit a applicant to them? Can you advance a win-win partnership?

Ask yourself what footfall you can yield to alpha to body a accord with anniversary being you meet.

Here are four questions to advice you appraise YOUR Networking behavior:

1) Are the contest you appear abounding with your ideal clients, abeyant partners, or agreeing solo-preneurs? (HINT: don’t decay time at contest that aren’t a acceptable bout for your business. Targeting is important.)

2) Are you absorption on affair a few key humans at anniversary event, or are you counting the amount of business cards you can pocket? (HINT: Superior over abundance wins in the networking game.)

3) When you accommodated humans at networking events, do you absorb the accomplished time talking about yourself and your business, or do you absorb time accepting to apperceive those you meet? (HINT: Be a acceptable listener. It’s added absorbing and humans will adulation you for it.)

4) Are you afterward up with those you accommodated afterwards the event, alms amount to them, or suggesting means you ability be able to plan together? (HINT: Consistent, allusive chase up is the key.)

Evaluate your networking action so you can be abiding your networking activities are a admired allotment of your business plan and not a decay of your time, money and energy.

Debbie LaChusa is the architect and admiral of DLC Marketing, Inc. and The National Association of Home-Based Business Moms. She is aswell the columnist of The Career-at-Home Mom: Secrets for Earning a Six-Figure Income While Having Time for Your Family. She’s a business and home-based business drillmaster and all-embracing apostle who has aggregate the date with celebrity agents from “The Secret.” You can annals for Debbie’s chargeless appropriate report, “Why Business Isn’t Enough” and get a adulatory cable to her ezine, Stepping Up! at

Does Social Network Marketing Work?

Online and offline businesses, baby enterprises and mega companies, “mom and pop” shops, and the huge authorization accepted about the world. What do all these businesses accept in common? They are absorption to the internet for advance and business purposes. Among the accoutrement and strategies getting active by businesses on the internet, amusing media is apparently the hippest, coolest, “do or die” affair out there now-a-days. So it is annual exploring the question: does amusing arrangement business work?


The abstraction abaft amusing media is for humans to be, well, social. The creators of sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, did not set out to actualize a amplitude area businesses and marketers could appear and accomplish hundreds or even bags of dollars afterwards spending a cent. Their ambition was to accord humans a save ambiance in which to affix and body relationships. In fact, ALL amusing media, with the accessible barring of Facebook business pages, frown aloft the abstraction of “Spamming” which is annihilation abroad than bombarding humans with unsolicited offers, sales, and/or business promotions of any kind. So, with that in mind, it angle to acumen that the abstraction of amusing media business is a bit of an oxymoron. How do you advertise your artefact or annual afterwards presenting your sales angle or alms humans your latest and greatest deal? Well, the abbreviate acknowledgment is that you don’t.


Hundreds of businesses and marketers are absorption to amusing media with the sole ambition of authoritative money. You’d be hard-pressed to appointment any amusing arrangement afterwards award anyone who posts hotlink afterwards hotlink in the hopes of accepting anyone chaw the bait. Abounding such “marketers” accept been banned from these sites, alone to appear aback with a new email address, actualize a new annual and echo the aforementioned aberration over and over and over. The absoluteness is that application amusing media to angle a sale, advance a business or accept affairs does NOT work. You cannot access these sites cerebration that you will actualize a solid authority out of them and apprehend to see results. Keep in apperception that humans do not appear to these sites searching to buy anything. Humans go to Amazon or eBay, acclaim agenda in duke accessible to accomplish a purchase. That is never the case with amusing media. They are there to be social!


That getting the case, then, why is it that so abounding abide to babble about the admiration of amusing arrangement marketing? Well, the basal band is that amusing media is a abundant apparatus for that which it was advised to do, which is body relationships in a viral, high-speed, all-around manner. If you anticipate about that account actual carefully, you’ll accept the acknowledgment you’ve been searching for. Does amusing arrangement business work? Well, if you yield the time to use amusing media to body real, meaningful, able relationships, again you accept just activate the a lot of able and able apparatus accessible to any administrator or business out there. See, the ambush is that you cannot advertise annihilation on these sites, except absolute agreeable and absolute value. If you yield the time to affix with humans and appearance them that you are absolutely anxious with allowance THEM, they will activate to assurance and account you, and will, in time, appear to you searching for that which you accept to offer. Yes, you accepted correctly, they will ASK YOU for your artefact or annual afterwards you accepting to pitch, sell, or prospect. THAT is why amusing arrangement business can be so powerful!

So, does amusing arrangement business work? The abbreviate acknowledgment is that it depends on your approach. If you appear at it assured to sell, sell, sell, again affairs are it apparently will not plan for you. If, however, you access at these sites in the accurate spirit of allowance others and architecture allusive relationships, again you accept just activate a abundant tool, which, in time, will advice you body and even backfire your business.